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Questions & Answers
  • Does DYEX come in Black?
    Yes! It is now available!

  • Will DYEX harm the dogs' skin?
    No. It is 100% dog friendly, although it is not recommended for use on dogs with skin conditions or open wounds.

  • Does DYEX colour over black coated dogs?
    No. DYEX does not contain any bleaching agents so it will not colour over black hair.

  • How long does the colour last for?
    DYEX is classified as semi-permanent but it can last longer on some coats more then others. If it takes to the hair well then the dye will fade and grow out over about 6 months.

  • Is DYEX safe to use on other animals?
    Yes. DYEX has been used on cats, guinea pigs and ferrets without any known side effects.

  • Does the foil used to wrap the hair in help the DYEX process?
    No. We simply recommend to use foil as a way of securing the hair in place and keeping it from going onto other parts of the coat.

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